Rasmus Ankersen is an experienced keynote speaker on the topic of talent and high-performance cultures. He has been hired to teach by well-known global brands like Facebook, Google, LEGO, Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft, Roche, Astra Zeneca, Coca-Cola, Cisco and many more.





"Rasmus was consistently rated as one of the best speakers to take the stage. Importantly, he was able to draw on wide range of experiences and stories that resonated with a particularly diverse audience."

Rasmus’ real-life examples on the issue of saving the success from failure made important contribution to the meeting as well as provided valuable insights to CCI’s leadership team."

“Rasmus makes one see what is really important… powerful and touching at the same time! Nobody was left indifferent!”

Rasmus was a huge hit on the day and made the event memorable for everyone who was lucky enough to hear him speak. Overall his keynote had a massively positive impact... so please do thank him for his generosity and energy, it was truly valuable.

“Inspiring and thought-provoking session with lots of real-life examples. Our chatter page went abuzz with people sharing their comments, insights, and ideas.”

"Thank you again for the great presentation today, it was inspiring, provided surprising insights and made me wish it would have lasted longer!

“Rasmus is a brilliant speaker and we've had rave feedback. He is a genuinely pleasant clever guy.”

“The feedback on Rasmus' lecture at Rotman Business school was really good. Many of our MBA students and alumni who attended said that he taught them several new and very useful insights on how to identify and grow talent.”

"With his work, Rasmus covers two key challenges for every organization: building success and, once achieved, fighting complacency. His ideas and experiences provided valuable food for thought for our company. “

“Rasmus’ talk was even better than we could have hoped for. The feedback from staff has been excellent across the board, and everyone took away a number of key messages that they can bear in mind as they consider their day to day work.

“Rasmus was entertaining and inspiring. His research on what makes a high performer made us think and reframe on how we should recruit people, as well as the environment we need to create to continue to propel excellence."

“Rasmus spent time with our senior management team and really provoked our thinking, causing us to ask ourselves new and better questions. The insights he shared really resonated as well as amused, it was relevant and real and most importantly was a catalyst for change.”

" The storytelling was first rate, and the examples from both industry and the sports world and industry were right on the money.”

“Rasmus Ankersen truly knows how to evoke the innovation spirit in people."

"... without doubt one of the best keynotes we have ever had in the 12 years the conference has been running.

Rasmus is an exciting and compelling speaker that creates impact. He had the ability to instantly motivate our senior leaders who came away feeling inspired.

“Rasmus’ studies are relevant to all organisations. Very simple and mind-blowing at the same time!

Listen to him before it is too late!"

“We loved absolutely every minute.”

"The business world owes Rasmus much gratitude for his facts based, in depth studies of what it truly takes to be, identify and build talent”

“This was the best presentation I have ever seen in my life – extremely interesting and inspiring!  Thanks a lot, Rasmus!”

“Outstanding.  Rasmus Ankersen’s charismatic and compelling presentation challenges your assumptions and will change your view of how successful companies stay successful.” 

Rasmus delivered the highlight of our Annual Meeting  – and he did so with a fascinating story - told in a captivating way.

“Rasmus was the perfect speaker. Great content, powerful stories, credible and engaging.”

"Rasmus digs deep with insight and experience capturing knowledge that is easily shared and hopefully applied, foolish if it's not! "

“Rasmus managed to inspire our whole sales force when they were getting ready for a major product launch.”

"Rasmus Ankersen is what would, in show business terms, be referred to as a Class Act! Excellent and well researched content was delivered with a level of charisma, style and humour that made it compelling listening for the 2000 people in the arena.”