The Yohan Blake Statement

Last night Yohan Blake won his second Olympic silver medal in the 200 m final. No doubt that he is the man of the future! Last year I visited St Jago High School in Kingston where Blake trained and went to school as a teenager. Apart from Yohan Blake, the school has hatched world stars such Melanie Walker (Olympic gold medallist in the 400 metre hurdles) and Kerron Stewart, (Olympic sil- ver medallist in the 100 metres sprint). During my visit, the school’s head coach Danny Hawthorne showed me round St Jago’s I remember he pointed out the wall of the stands in the school’s athletic grounds. Somebody had written across it in white paint: ‘9.98 secs. Oh My God.’ ‘That was written by Yohan Blake when he was eighteen years old and training with me for Champs,’ Danny Hawthorne told me with a smile. ‘His great aim was to run under ten seconds and one year later he did it. He wrote it on the wall so that everybody could see it.’
Broadcasting your goals to a broad audience like that has two major advantages. Firstly it may lead to connections you never knew you had because people suddenly become aware of your goal. Additionally, verbalizing your goals will help you hold yourself accountable to achieving them. If you commit to them out loud, you may just put a little more effort into making them happen in order to save face in front of others. That might be the secret of Yohan Blake!

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