The Best Are Much Better Than The Rest

There are enormous and well-documented differences between the best and worst performers in numerous endeavours. No matter where you look, the same story can be told, with only minor adjustments. Identify the 10% who have contributed the most to some endeavour, whether it be songs, poems, paintings, patents, articles, legislation, battles, films, designs, or anything else. Count all the accomplishments that they have to their credit. Now tally the achievements of the remaining 90% who struggled in the same area of achievement. The first tally will equal or surpass the second tally.
For example, one study showed that a mere 16 composers produced about 50% of the classical music that is performed and recorded today, while 235 others produced the remaining half. Another study found that 10 percent of the authors had written about 50 percent of the books in the Library Congress.
Numbers like these really emphasize the importance of being able to identify, attract and retain the best people. The best are apparently much better than the rest. If you want to know more about how you can make talent ID and development your competitive edge I’m delivering a half-day workshop on the topic in Copenhagen on the 19th of September. Read more here:

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