NHS almost looks like Nokia!

Yesterday I came across this articleabout complacency i NHS and it struck me that complacency looks the same no matter what field you’re looking into. The symptoms of complacency in NHS are almost the same as for Nokia. The NHS culture suffered from:
1) “a focus on finance and figures rather than patient care” (likewise companies tend to focus too much on themselves and forgetting about their customers)
2) “a view that patient care was always someone else’s problem” (same thing happened in Nokia – total disrespect for customers and competitors)
3) “NHS Managers were suppressing inconvenient facts in favour of looking for comfort in positive information” (complacent leaders go into the denial and make up their own positive version of reality – Nokia knew that iPhone was a great product but it was easier to suppress the bad news than really confronting the brutal facts).
In other words: Complacency seems to be driven by the same psychological patterns no matter if it’s a doctor, a business leader or a football players.

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